My mother has told me countless times that ever since I began speaking, I have not shut up. While I know she meant this in the most loving way possible, it is not a trait that is unique to me. The Millennial Generation, as we are now aptly and notoriously known, have a tendency to make our voices heard whenever WE want, and not necessarily when anyone else is listening. Jean Twenge wrote in her 2006 book, Generation ME, that those of the Millennial Generation and late Generation X members have a certain sense of confidence about themselves and a tolerance for others. Of course, there has to be some negative traits which most millennials are now known for, of which are a sense of entitlement and narcissism. Do not blame me. I am just the messenger. These findings are backed up by various personality tests that have been given to members of various generations by sociologists. While some may say that this is a bad thing or that it is not true, it does not have to be a bad thing. A healthy dose of narcissism can make people more inclined to aim for higher goals and accomplish more of them. As for the sense of entitlement, I never really thought it applied to me but now here I am, starting up a blog with the goal of having people read my thoughts, acting as if the world wants to know what I have to say or think. Pretty entitled.

I am not here to say that I agree or disagree with some of the opinions that people have toward our generation. I am coming here to have an outlet for my random and not so random musings about a variety of topics from a millennial’s point of view. Whether you are a millennial yourself or not, I hope you find something in my blog relevant to your life. I added the mindful part to the blog title because I believe I was taught to think critically in my upbringing and schooling. While people say that millennials are just mindless drones, glued to LCD screens and social media without a care for the rest of the world, I find myself largely separate from that group with tons of thoughts and opinions (some more well thought out than others) on a wide range of issues.

The blog was not exactly my idea. A couple great friends of mine and I are always thinking of and discussing different things to do to kill the time when we are bored and ways to improve our fulfillment in our own lives. Over a few drinks, as I tossed around the idea of wanting to write a book at some point in my life, but fearing that I could not because I would have no clue what I could write about that could make up a whole book, one of these great friends threw out the idea of starting a blog about all of the random yet relevant things that we as a group talk about seemingly without end.

So here I am. I am always open to discussion and discourse on the content of my posts. I just ask that it is productive and not spiteful if you should find yourself in disagreement. I hope whoever finds this blog will find it relevant to their lives and that everyone can take something from it. At the very least, I hope you find it entertaining.

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